Did you know we have a dental facility in the Long Beach and South Bay area that services more than 6,500 economically disadvantages kids?

The Children’s Dental Health Clinic (CDHC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helps take care of their dental needs through 15,000 visits annually; and 30% of their patients have special needs and/or complex medical considerations.

Did you know?

  • More than 50% of Kindergarteners have dental disease, and by the time they are in 3rd Grade, more than 70% have had tooth decay.
  • Tooth decay is the single most common childhood disease, more common than asthma, childhood obesity or diabetes. It is an infection that does not heal without treatment.
  • Untreated dental cavities lead to pain, infection which can spread to other parts of the body, nutrition problems, tooth loss, sleep deprivation, attention deficit, low self-esteem, slower social development, and missed school days!

Arevtech is supporting CDHC for Long Beach Gives Day, please think about giving a tax-deductible donation. The kids can use your help!

Thank you for your help in supporting our community together!