The Challenge:

Located on a 24-acre campus just one mile from the Pacific Ocean, Bishop Montgomery High School provides top quality education to approximately 1000 students across its three main buildings of 46 classrooms. Supporting its large student body and staff requires a reliable and secure IT infrastructure with strong ongoing IT management and support.

For several years, Bishop Montgomery High School (BMHS) had been relying on its own on premises Exchange email server along with a separate campus file and print server. As the computing needs of its students and staff continued to grow, however, BMHS began to tax the limit of the server’s capabilities and performance. In addition, heightened sensitivity to security, data protection and disaster recovery also placed additional stress on the aging servers.

Recently, BMHS came to the conclusion that it would need to revamp its IT infrastructure to meet the changing needs of its students, staff and educational environment. The current server had almost reached its limitations for performance and their current backup and disaster recovery system was also at its maximum limits.

But where to start? Should BMHS simply upgrade the size and power of their servers? Was that enough? Or was there a better approach that would provide more flexibility and scalability – while still controlling costs?

The Solution:

Over the years, BMHS had successfully relied on AMI’s IT services team to assist them with the school’s IT systems, cabling infrastructure and Wi-Fi needs for mobile computing and communications. Now that AMI is Arevtech, it seemed only natural to bring them in to assess the campus’ current IT environment and make recommendations.

Arevtech reviewed the current IT infrastructure and came back with a solid plan to do the following:

  • Remove and replace their file and print server with an all-new campus server, leveraging the benefits of virtual server technology to allow greater scalability. This also involved migrating the applications and terabytes of critical data to the new virtual server while minimizing downtime during the process.

  • Move to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud by decommissioning the on premises Exchange server and migrating all of the users, mailboxes and configurations to Office 365.

  • Implement a new Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for the new campus server that would provide backup redundancy and rapid recovery when a disaster occurs.

  • Implement a Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for their Microsoft Office 365 Email, OneDrive and SharePoint services.

  • Provide ongoing Managed Services to properly manage, monitor and maintain these new systems.

The Result:

With Arevtech’s expertise and reliable services, Bishop Montgomery High School now has a new campus server that will provide the performance and storage space needed to meet the current and future needs of its students and staff alike. And using virtual server technology means that further expansion will be much easier (and less expensive) to implement.

While their new IT environment receives effective 24/7 monitoring and management, the new Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for the campus server and their Microsoft Office 365 services means that BMHS has the reassurance and confidence that its vital data will be safely and securely protected – with the ability to quickly recover from any disaster.

By moving to Microsoft Office 365 the school’s IT staff no longer have to maintain and troubleshoot the on premises Exchange email server, saving valuable time and money, while also allowing them to take advantage of the latest features and capabilities of their new Office 365 environment.

The bottom line is simple: BMHS no longer has to worry about their old servers becoming overloaded and causing major failures. They now have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their new, highly-efficient IT infrastructure is leveraging the latest Cloud, Backup and Disaster Recovery and virtual server technologies to reduce costs while boosting performance, security and protection.

“It is vital to the success of our school that we have a reliable, secure and scalable IT environment that leverages the latest innovations to enable us to adapt to the constant changing needs of our students, faculty and administrators”, says Rosemary Distaso-Libbon, Principal of Bishop Montgomery High School. “With Arevtech at our side to supplement our own internal IT staff, we gain tremendous peace of mind with their reliable 24/7 monitoring, and efficient, experienced IT management. We couldn’t have done it without Arevtech.