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Solving the Challenges of the Hybrid Workforce

In our last blog, we mentioned how companies have adapted their workflow amid the pandemic. We now expect that this new hybrid practice, where employees mix home working with office working, is here to stay. To put a figure on it, the Institute of Directors carried out a study, which showed that 74% of companies are going [...]

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Hybrid Workforce: Understanding Nuances and Pitfalls

Since Coronavirus turned things on their head, businesses across the globe have responded well to enforcing remote working. And now, things are on the move again. Businesses are trying to decide how things will look in a post-Covid world. Many workers and businesses don't see a complete return to office working anytime soon, therefore introducing a [...]

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The Benefits of Using an MSP

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, a majority of companies have had to make the switch to working remotely to protect employees. This happened quickly when the pandemic was new, and we were told to enforce social distancing. We had to adapt to the acceptance and implementation of becoming a remote workforce. Managed Service Providers [...]

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Understanding Cloud Technology: A Summary

When it comes to using cloud technology and solutions, it’s good to know how the cloud works. Today, we'll look at a summary of what cloud computing services are and how cloud computing could be the right solution for your needs!  What are Cloud Computing Services?  First of all, we need to define what the cloud is. While [...]

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The Cloud and Big Data

Cloud infrastructure is one of the fastest-growing forms of online technology. As a result, it is vitally important for you to understand how cloud computing services work and the benefits that the cloud can offer. We’ll take a look at ‘big data’ and how the cloud can enhance big data security solutions.  What is the Cloud?  Let’s [...]

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Cloud and Virtual Office

The cloud has become hugely important in our lives. One notable way the cloud is used these days is for virtual (remote) work. This has escalated with the recent Covid-19 lockdowns. Many of us have experienced a disruption in our normal workflow, making virtual working a reality for more of us than ever. The cloud [...]

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Cloud: Its Definition

When you hear talk about the cloud, it can be a little overwhelming to understand this unique technology. Cloud architecture offers a huge number of solutions, and cloud technology’s rapid development has ensured that it is a field with huge potential. However, many people are not aware of what it is.  As such, our team [...]

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Can Hackers fool AI?

Hackers – the word alone can send fear down the spine of anyone who owns an internet enabled device. And for good reasons, too! Yet many people assume that hackers are only an issue for their business computers, desktops, laptops, and portable tablets. This isn’t entirely the truth. In fact, hackers can actually pose a [...]

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Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities

As business owners, we are all keenly aware of how integral technology is in every industry these days. We have heard countless times how technology helps drive innovation and growth, improves communication in the organization, and increases your advantage over the competition. As a warning, new technology still has vulnerabilities. Recently, new security flaws were [...]

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The Hidden Heart of Artificial Intelligence Technology

The futuristic views of artificial intelligence (AI) as synthetic consciousness has been spread in Hollywood and science-fiction novels for generations. However, fantasy-aside, artificial intelligence is simply a process or system that performs tasks that ordinarily need the intelligence of humans. Examples of such tasks are problem-solving, diagnosing medical problems, and recognizing human emotions.  AI is already everywhere  The ‘hidden heart [...]

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