The Challenge:

Sheets, Paquette & Wu Dental Practice has a superb reputation. Their modern dental office deploys state-of-the art technologies and procedures, and even has its own internationally recognized dental laboratory in-house.

But their IT environment was rapidly becoming outdated. Their IT services company was implementing old-style break/fix IT services along with older technology that was just no longer adequate to meet the complex and ever changing needs of their busy practice.  What worked for them years ago was no longer cutting it.

Sheets, Paquette and Wu Dental Practice realized they needed a new, more modern approach to their office technology — one that would be better aligned to meet their high levels of expertise and commitment to excellence in patient care.

The Solution:

Based on its excellent reputation and deep experience with both Dental and Medical practices, the team at Arevtech was brought in to perform an exhaustive review and assessment of Sheets, Paquette and Wu Dental Practice’s challenges and needs. Arevtech examined all facets of the practice –who they were, their immediate and future goals, budgets and timelines, and resource constraints.

From this assessment, Arevtech developed and implemented an IT action plan that would bring their practice up to a leading edge level of IT infrastructure – while allowing a seamless transition designed to minimize disruption to their busy practice.  This included the installation of a new primary server, workstations, a state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery solution, secure business-class Wi-Fi for office and guest use, as well as Microsoft® Office 365 cloud-based email and Office desktop apps.

To best support this new, modern IT infrastructure, Arevtech implemented IT managed services for proactive monitoring and maintenance of their systems along with comprehensive technical support services.

The Results:

Arevtech’s phased approach helped greatly reduce the risk of practice disruption during this IT upgrade effort.  In less than one year Sheets, Paquette & Wu Dental Practice saw dramatic reduction in the number of IT support calls and time spent troubleshooting computer problems.  With a fully managed IT infrastructure in place, the Arevtech team is now able to provide 24/7 monitoring and management – allowing Arevtech to proactively identify and remediate issues before any disruption to the practice takes place.

The bottom line benefits to Sheets, Paquette & Wu Dental Practice are real and substantial:

  • Reduced downtime and lost revenue

  • Information technology that matches the state-of-the-art delivery of their dental services

  • Stable and reliable systems with greatly reduced complaints and IT support calls

  • Peace of mind from no longer having to worry about monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of their systems

  • A more happy, productive staff that is better able to focus their attention on patient care