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Understanding High-Speed Small Business Networking Solutions

Network performance can be a challenging area for many small businesses. A slow network with insufficient bandwidth impedes production, delays receiving important files, and causes problems transmitting data to customers—not to mention security flaps and data loss. Small business networking solutions offer many different grades of service and speeds, but which one is right for [...]

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Sheets, Paquette & Wu Dental Practice ‘Success Story’

The Challenge: Sheets, Paquette & Wu Dental Practice has a superb reputation. Their modern dental office deploys state-of-the art technologies and procedures, and even has its own internationally recognized dental laboratory in-house. But their IT environment was rapidly becoming outdated. Their IT services company was implementing old-style break/fix IT services along with older technology that [...]

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5 infrastructure concerns for district technology leaders

Survey reveals student devices are driving the need for more bandwidth The growing need for more internet bandwidth is being pushed by an increase in the number of students with devices, according to CoSN’s Annual Infrastructure Survey. Increases in online assessments and digital content also drive the need for higher bandwidth, according to the report. [...]

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Report: More states are taking steps to protect student privacy

Almost two-thirds of states have passed a new student privacy law in the past 3 years A new analysis from the Data Quality Campaign shows more and more states are taking steps to ensure student privacy through legislation. During the past three years, every state but Vermont has introduced at least one bill and 36 [...]

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Bishop Montgomery High School

The Challenge: Located on a 24-acre campus just one mile from the Pacific Ocean, Bishop Montgomery High School provides top quality education to approximately 1000 students across its three main buildings of 46 classrooms. Supporting its large student body and staff requires a reliable and secure IT infrastructure with strong ongoing IT management and support. [...]

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Do mobile devices stunt social-emotional skills?

As more of our lives are consumed with digital technology — social media, texting and smartphones — is it any wonder that our children are growing up with electronic gadgets as companions? A report on media consumption by the nonprofit Common Sense Media said teens spend an average of nearly nine hours a day using [...]

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Ransomware and the $99K SMB Shakedown

Quick question: How does parting with nearly a hundred grand because of lax PC security sound to you? According to new research from Kaspersky Lab, small business owners can now add the high cost of a ransomware attack to the litany of reasons why they should protect themselves against this particularly nasty form of malware. [...]

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Three Rules for Dentists Going Chartless or Paperless

There are many great reasons for dental offices to transition from paper charts to digital charts, though change in any capacity always takes work. Rest assured, this change will be well worth your efforts, and those of your staff. Your investment of time and money will not be wasted, and for years to come you’ll [...]

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Do your dental patients witness you violating HIPAA?

HIPAA has been around for 20 years now, yet many dental practices have barely started their HIPAA compliance journey. Despite two decades of regulation, I see multiple violations before even passing the front desk in many offices. As a HIPAA Risk Assessor, I’m trained to look for these things. But have you considered how many [...]

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Preparing Against Current Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats

Monitoring endpoint security and having outside companies conduct risk assessments are key steps to prepare against healthcare cybersecurity threats.  As more healthcare ransomware cases are reported, it becomes even more apparent that organizations of all sizes can no longer assume that they will never be a target of a healthcare cybersecurity attack. Covered entities must [...]

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