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Password Security: Don’t let your Password Haunt You

October is National Cybersecurity Month and password security is a big part of that! Cybersecurity is so important and appropriate to discuss considering how scary it is out there! As we regularly cover, hackers are getting more advanced by the day, despite security measures improving by leaps and bounds. Of course, no monster is all-powerful [...]

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Your PC is in danger if you use Windows 7

By Jordan Valinsky, CNN Business New York (CNN Business) Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7. That means it will no longer provide updates or security patches for the 11-year-old operating system, and the hundreds of millions of PCs still using it are vulnerable to attack. One-third of PCs around the world run Windows [...]

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CNN reports: Hundreds of dental offices crippled by ransomware attack

"We have no access to the patient charts, schedule, x-rays, or payment ledger," Shae Johnson, the Clinical Coordinator at Dentistry Design in McFarland, Wisconsin, told CNN. "The doctor cannot do proper treatment without a chart history and x-rays." Ransomware is a type of virus that locks up a computer and demands a payment for [...]

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What Does Windows End of Life Mean to My Business?

You’ve all heard the panic. Windows is cutting off support for its widely popular version 7 software. January 14, 2020 will officially mark Windows 7 End of Life. Many companies have used Windows 7 since its onset in 2009 and are still actively using it today. That means you will need to migrate every single [...]

Getting Ahead of Windows 07 End of Life

With Windows 7 end of life quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what needs to be done to prepare. Technically, regular Windows 7 support has been dead since 2015, however, the extended support period is over January 2020, which means no more updates or security patches. What should you be aware of for [...]

To Renew or Not Renew, That Is the Question

You’re prepared, at least mentally, to begin your migration to Windows 10 because you’ve read What Does Windows End of Life Mean to My Business? And Getting Ahead of Windows End of Life. Is your hardware ready? How you handle your IT (on your own, as needed support, or with a fully managed agreement) [...]

California Moves to Close Gaps in Data Breach Notification Law

The proposed legislation would close a loophole in the state’s existing data breach notification law, requiring breached organizations to report compromised biometrics and passports. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Assembly member Marc Levine are seeking to strengthen the state’s data breach notification law, which aims to close a loophole and expand requirements to include compromised biometrics [...]

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Beware of ransomware: Here’s how to protect your district

BY SAM CURRY 3 important steps and some free resources to help prevent cyber-abuse A new, disturbing pattern has cropped back up that is reminiscent of some nasty behavior from the early days of Internet nefarious exploits: targeting schools and students and the innocent. Ransomware attacks have been making headlines in recent months—particularly as a [...]

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Software Patching integral to PHI Data Security

Healthcare organizations and vendors are responsible for identifying and mitigating the risks unpatched software poses to ePHI as part of their HIPAA compliance, OCR advised in its June Cybersecurity Newsletter. By Fred Donovan Healthcare organizations and vendors are responsible for identifying and mitigating the risks unpatched software poses to ePHI as part of their HIPAA [...]

Think it can’t happen to you — Think again

DENTAL RECEPTIONIST GETS PRISON TERM FOR IDENTITY THEFT, LARCENY Annie Vuong, a former receptionist at a New York-based dental office, was given 2-6 years in state prison for stealing personal identifying information, such as names, dates of birth, addresses, and Social Security numbers, from more than 650 patients, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance announced [...]

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