Education Information Technology Solutions: We’ll take care of your IT so you can focus on your students

Arevtech knows Education IT. Administrators, staff, and students all have varying needs when it comes to your IT environment and network. That’s why schools and educational institution rely on Arevtech to keeping their schools’ networks up and running while managing critical IT needs – including security and privacy, remote access and authentication, network monitoring, and email.

Arevtech [formerly AMI] has years of experience helping educational organizations release their true potential by eliminating IT related worries. Our team of education IT experts provides friendly, knowledgeable IT service to help manage growth and change, meet vital regulations, and reduce operational inefficiencies and risk. Arevtech will focus on your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on achieving academic excellence.

Boost operational efficiency & productivity

Strengthen Education IT security and meeting key regulations

 Focus on academic excellence (not IT issues)


Achieving Education IT Success with Arevtech

Bishop Montgomery High School (BMHS) provides top quality education to approximately 1000 students. Recently, BMHS has been taxing the performance limits of its own on‐premise Exchange email server as well as its separate campus file and print server. In addition, heightened sensitivity to security, data protection and disaster recovery also placed additional stress on the aging servers.

BMHS turned to Arevtech to revamp its IT infrastructure to meet its changing needs. Arevtech developed a solid plan to replace their file and print server with an all‐new campus server, using virtual server technology to allow greater scalability. This included migrating their applications and terabytes of critical data to the new virtual server with minimum downtime. Arevtech also decommissioned the on‐premise Exchange server and migrated all of the users, mailboxes and configurations to Microsoft Office 365. They implemented a new, more effective Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for the new campus server – and provide ongoing Managed Services to properly manage, monitor and maintain these new systems.

With Arevtech’s expertise and reliable services, BMHS no longer has to worry about their old servers becoming overloaded and causing major failures. They now have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their new, highly‐efficient IT infrastructure is leveraging the latest Cloud, Backup and Disaster Recovery and virtual server technologies to reduce costs while boosting performance, security and protection.

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“With Arevtech at our side to supplement our own internal IT staff, we gain tremendous peace of mind with their reliable 24/7 monitoring, and efficient, experienced IT management. We couldn’t have done it without Arevtech. “

 Rosemary Libbon, Principal, Bishop Montgomery High School