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Shifting Your Workforce: Workplace Culture Reboot in the post-Covid-19 pandemic era

With the many changes that have occurred since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent crisis, employers are facing crucial decisions on how to shift their workforce into a new workplace culture reboot. This is the ideal time for looking at what we’ve learned over the past year. It's an opportunity to focus [...]

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Shifting your workforce: Preventing Workplace Distractions

It’s fair to say that everyone gets a little distracted at work from time to time. Even with intentions not to procrastinate, it can be a real challenge to stay on task. It can seem almost impossible to avoid distractions. According to statistics, workplace distractions account for a sizeable loss in productivity. Typically, a manager [...]

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Latest Back to Work Supplies That Will Make Working Easier

With the world slowly seeing things get back to work in the traditional sense (as opposed to remotely), workplaces are refreshing their back-to-work supplies and procedures. The Covid-19 pandemic has been catastrophic. It has also meant changes as to how we view work and the work environment. Never before have we had so many people [...]

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Is the Dark Web all bad?

Let’s start with a definition: What is the Dark Web?    Dark Web: (noun)  An area of the worldwide web that is only accessible by utilizing special software, allowing users and websites to remain anonymous or untraceable. It exists on an encrypted network that uses masked IP addresses to maintain anonymity for users and site owners. By hiding everyone’s identity, [...]

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Passwords – A Hacker’s Prime Target

We all agree that the Passwords we use daily are a necessary evil. Without them, anyone could operate our personal and business devices. But, sometimes, remembering them is a chore. That's why we take shortcuts when creating them. We'll also re-use them for emails, devices, and bank accounts. In this blog, we'll discuss the many [...]

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Why Should We Care About the Dark Web?

Most people spend a good portion of their days happily humming along on the internet, thinking they’re safe and secure. They navigate around Google, Facebook, Amazon, and news sites. They can’t believe how huge the internet is!    Most people don’t know they’re actually only visiting four percent of the internet. There’s a whole world hiding beyond our safe surface-level sites. Known as the [...]

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Fixing Your Weakest Link: Your Employees

We have some bad news for you. Currently, many businesses fail to realize that network security is more than just protecting the path to valuable data. Business owners don’t realize that an important factor in protecting their network resides with human involvement and how well they are trained.  Two things aren't going away in any [...]

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How to Spot A Phishing Attack

Would you know if you were the subject of a phishing attack? Many people claim that they’d be able to tell right away if they received an email from an illegitimate source. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be 1.5 million new phishing websites every month. A 65% increase in attacks in one year! Hackers would have [...]

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What is Phishing & How do Hackers use it?

What exactly is Phishing? It’s one of the biggest threats from hackers, yet most people still aren’t sure how phishing works. Hackers mimic the emails, forms, and websites of legitimate companies to lure people into providing their private, personal, and business information. Credit card numbers, social security information, account logins, and personal identifiers are just [...]

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Remote Working in Today’s World

This is the final blog post in our series of four on the topic of remote and hybrid working. In it, we’ll summarize what we’ve talked about in the previous three blogs and finish with a quiz so you can see how much you’ve taken in.  The start of the Covid-19 crisis seems like it happened a [...]

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