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Is Your IT Provider An Asset Or A Liability To Your Practice?

By Ron Vesely, Arevtech president and founder Dental practices of all sizes are increasingly using Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) to help lower costs, increase efficiencies, and ensure compliance of IT systems with regulatory requirements. While MSPs have been around for years, the services they provide can differ greatly. When evaluating your current technology [...]

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Make Your IT Expenses Predictable

Many practices lack the means to plan and budget IT expenses and future equipment needs. The dental industry continues to face stagnant growth. The 2017 Dental Economics–Levin Group Annual Practice Survey cites reasons for this, including the expansion of DSOs, declining insurance provider reimbursements, and the increasing number of dentists coming out of dental schools―all [...]

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Waiting for Your Outdated Technology to Break Before You Replace It?

Don’t ignore the risks of an outdated IT infrastructure. A State of Work Report by Samanage in 2016 found that businesses lose over $13,000 per year, per employee, on unproductive tasks, many, due to outdated technology. Inthis same study, 36.8% of working adults reported their company’s technology wasoutdated. It’s easy to understand why many medical, [...]

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