Modern-Day Communication, The Dangers Behind It

When it comes to IT security solutions, there are a large number of threats facing us. Modern-day communication technology has opened up a massive amount of potential for people; however, it also poses a significant threat in terms of security. Threats are increasingly advanced as time passes by, and this is endangering the safety and security of our data [...]

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Mobile vs Virtual Office – What’s the Difference?

Being mobile has never been easier. Technology makes it so you literally have your entire office within your pocket these days. The idea of being virtual and mobile might seem like one and the same. However, these ideas are a little different, and more than the technology itself makes them both possible. This week covers [...]

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Writing Off Technology Purchases for 2020

Regardless of your line of work, all businesses have one common goal in mind: to generate revenue. Of course, we all want to make a difference in the world and have satisfaction from hard work. However, if you're not earning more than your spending, you need to make some changes. While large black numbers at [...]

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Long Beach Gives Day: Early Giving Starts TODAY

Did you know Long Beach Gives Day has an Early Giving time?  It starts TODAY, September 17th and gives companies, like Arevtech, who have pledged to reach a fundraising goal an extra bit of time. Arevtech has pledged to help support the Children’s Dental Health Clinic (CDHC), whose mission is to deliver oral health education [...]

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No Business as Usual

Currently, there is no such thing as Business as Usual. Every day, small and medium businesses are re-inventing how they function. The most unfortunate side-effect of this COVID-19 crisis is that many small businesses have closed, and many of those will not re-open. The economic repercussions from this event will ripple throughout the landscape for [...]

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