The Challenge:

Business Administration Services, LLC (BAS) was facing a dilemma. As a small bookkeeping services firm that specializes in the construction industry, BAS also offers IT services to its clients as a means to broaden its service offerings.  But with just one IT person available to support both itself and its clients, the level of service that BAS could offer was restricted to a very limited set of basic IT support. In addition, BAS’ own IT infrastructure was also aging and no longer sufficient to meet its growth needs.

BAS recognized that it would need to invest in upgrading its own IT infrastructure – but it also realized that its one IT resource was totally inadequate to provide quality coverage for the IT needs of itself and its clients.  Current IT support was highly reactionary and almost completely manual.  There was no true IT management, no 24×7 monitoring, no inventory control, weak antivirus protection and security, no formal software updating schedule and no timely patch management.

Further adding to its pressures, BAS was fast approaching the new bidding season within the construction industry. If it could not improve its own internal IT infrastructure, the ability to bid on new business would be seriously impeded, negatively impacting its growth and revenue opportunity at a most critical time.

As its core business was bookkeeping – and not IT services – BAS made the smart decision to transfer the management of its IT to a reputable IT support partner with the experience and skills to provide the level of quality needed to reduce IT problems and boost productivity.  They turned to Arevtech.

The Solution:

Arevtech’s first effort was to perform a complete assessment of their IT environment and business workflow processes to develop a plan that would allow Arevtech to seamlessly take over the IT management role (for both BAS and its clients). The plan would also include revamping BAS’ IT infrastructure to best meet their needs with greater efficiency and scalability. And all this needed to be completed before their bidding season so as not to impede their business growth opportunities.

Once the assessment and plan were completed, Arevtech implemented the complete revamp of BAS’ IT environment – replacing outdated hardware, and updating necessary software – including the migration of their email to Office 365 for a more flexible, cloud-based solution –and establishing a reliable managed IT program with proper monitoring, ongoing maintenance, security and virus protection, as well as backup and disaster recovery.

The Result:

With a much more robust, complete managed IT environment, BAS has a far more reliable, flexible infrastructure that is better aligned to their workflow processes and better able to support the IT needs of their company and their clients. Arevtech is now supporting over 90 computer systems (including virtual systems) with reliable IT management, monitoring, maintenance, security and backup and disaster recovery. Plus, BAS no longer needs to dedicate their own internal IT resource person to supporting their clients – as they are all managed and supported directly by Arevtech. This has enabled Business Administration Services to focus on their core business of bookkeeping and no longer have to worry about IT issues.

With minimal downtime or disruption, Arevtech has provided BAS with a more reliable, more efficient, and more secure platform on which to grow their dynamic business.  Best yet, they completed the effort on time, allowing BAS to successfully participate in the construction industry’s new bidding season.